City of Carpinteria

June 9, 1995

Dear Judge Melville:

Our Council members and City staff have read the Grand Jury's Interim Final Report regarding responses to citizen complaints and on behalf of council I would like to acknowledge the efforts of the Grand Jury in addressing this issue.

The Carpinteria city Council has strived to achieve an open form of government and close relationship with constituents. We look at our citizens as partners in service and we rely on their suggestions and observations to improve the quality of our service to the community.

Approximately 95% of all City complaints in Carpinteria are related to public works issues and we have implemented a procedure with our Public Works Department staff which assures a complainant a timely response. A complaint log is also maintained by staff and reviewed quarterly by the Public Works Director and city Manager.

The other 5% of complaints are referred by the City Manager to the appropriate Department Head and each of these is handled on a case by case basis with a personal and responsive approach.

We are proud of the effective way citizen complaints are handled by our City staff and believe our approach is not only cost effective but has resulted in a high level of citizen satisfaction.


Sandy Gaggero