City of Lompoc

June 7, 1995

Dear Judge Melville:


On June 6, 1995, the Lompoc City Council endorsed staff I a responses to the Grand Jury Interim Final Reports concerning the City Detention Facilities and Responses to Citizen Complaints.

On May 1, 1995, Chief of Police Robert Hebert sent the attached reply to the Santa Barbara County Grand Jury relative to their findings and recommendations on the City Detention Facilities.

Although the procedures which the City of Lompoc uses for Responses to Citizen Complaints was not reviewed by the Grand Jury, we were listed as an affected agency. Therefore, attached for your records is a copy of the City's Administrative Procedures Chapter on Requests for Information and Complaints. The City Administrator's staff utilizes a Request/Complaint Form to enter details on a computer program of non-routine inquiries (ones which cannot be answered immediately) and forwards them to the appropriate department for responses within a specified time frame. These inquiries are tracked on the computer and staff can then access management reports which monitor the complaints by specific topic, department, location, etc. once a response is received, the citizen is contacted.

If you have any questions concerning the City's procedures, please feel free to contact me or Chief Hebert.


Frank L. Priore

City Administrator




Chapter 32

Issue 1 May 1. 1992

Effective Date



It is the responsibility of the City Administrator to handle all requests for information from the Mayor and City Council members to City departments which function under his direction and control. By following the steps outlined in this procedure, all Councilmembers will be provided pertinent information and the possibility of inconsistent information being supplied by different departments will be reduced. In addition, the City Administrator will have the information required to discuss important departmental issues with City Councilmembers and all City Councilmembers will be equally informed about current projects and issues.

During the normal course of the working day, City departments and divisions receive requests for routine information, respond to inquiries regarding standard City procedures and policies, and receive complaints and suggestions from citizens, businesses, developers, and other entities. The intent of this procedure is to keep the Administrative Office and City Council as informed as possible on current issues (including possibly sensitive matters) which may have an important or significant impact on the City of Lompoc.

II. Procedure for Handling City Council Inquiries

A. Internal Complaint/Request Forms (Attachment 1) - These forms are generated from the Administrative Office in response to requests received from the Mayor, a Council member, or a citizen. Departments should comply with the requested action and meet the deadlines noted. These complaints and requests are maintained and tracked on the City's computer system.

B. Occasionally, City Councilmembers may request information directly from departments heads. The administrative office should be advised of any Council requests. The following procedures shall be followed by employees and/or department heads if contacted directly by a City Councilmember for information concerning City programs or activities:

1 . Verbal Information - If the information requested is readily available, is accurate and complete, and can be transmitted verbally, the employee should provide the information to the Councilmember if the reply pertains only to his/her department. In cases where other departments are involved, replies should not be made until information is checked with other concerned departments, to insure accuracy. In casual conversation with Councilmembers, information should not be alluded to which is hearsay, incomplete or not knowingly accurate.

Employees shall immediately contact their department head and advise him/her of the discussion. The department head shall advise the City Administrator of all requests received from City Council. The City Administrator will determine if the information should be transmitted to the balance of the City Council.

2. Written Information - If the information requested requires research or a written report, employees shall bring the request to his/her department head's attention prior to fulfilling the request. If the information requested impacts on other departments, the other departments will be made aware of the answer prior to the time it is sent to the City Administrative Office for transmittal to the council.

The department head should indicate to the Councilmember that administrative policy requires that any project or study requiring research and/or a written report should be assigned by the City Administrator. This policy will insure that the appropriate staff person is delegated the assignment and delays will be minimized.

C. Direct Responses to the City Administrator - The department head shall promptly inform the City Administrator of all requests. The City Administrator will advise the City Councilmember of action taken regarding their requests.

Written responses to a Councilmembers inquiry are to be addressed to the City Administrator for review and distribution to the City Council. In addition, all related correspondence drafted for the Mayor or a City Councilmember's signature are to be reviewed by the City Administrator.

III. Procedures for Handling Inquires from citizens, businesses. developers, and other entities

Department heads should bring to the attention of the Administrative office any issue, project, or program that he/she feels in their professional judgment, may have an important or significant impact on the City of Lompoc, Possible subjects of this nature include:

A. Any issue, project or program within the City limits, or within the Lompoc Valley that may have a notable impact on our community.

B. Any project outside the City that City staff has an opportunity to comment on.

C. Any governmental hearing whose subject matter is germane to Lompoc or may have a significant impact.

D. Any issue, project, or program in general (without geographical boundary) that may have an important effect on our community.

E. Practical suggestions from the public regarding City policies, practices, or procedures which will help to provide better service to our citizens.

The above listing and description are submitted to aid the departments in their awareness of those issues, projects, and program that should be brought forth for Administrative review; however, they are certainly not all-inclusive.

III. Comments

This procedure will enable the City Administrator and departments to provide timely and accurate information on a coordinated basis.


City Administrator Effective Date: May 1, 1992



L0G NO. __________

Request/Complaint received by __________________ Date ________________


Citizen's Name: ___________________________

Mailing Address: ___________________________


Daytime Telephone ___________________________

Description of request or complaint:




Referred to: _______________________________ Date: __________________


______________________________ Date: __________________


Response needed by: ______________________


Action taken:




Citizen, Mayor or Councilmember contacted by letter from_______dated______

or personally contacted by __________on_____________

Copies sent to: ____________on______________