July 5, 1995

The Honorable Rodney S. Melville

Dear Judge Melville:

The 1994-1995 Grand Jury issued an Interim Final Report of Elections Procedures on May 10, 1 995. A portion of that report referred to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department. The Grand Jury's recommendation, #4C, requires a response from the Sheriff's Department.

Recommendation #4C

The Grand Jury recommends that Security Officers, from the Sheriff's Department, should keep the public under observation in the Elections Division office space and control the area for alcohol.

Response to Recommendation #4C

By Statute, security for office space in the Elections Division is not the responsibility of the Sheriff's Department. It is the responsibility of the County Clerk Recorder, Elections Division. In the past, Reserve Deputy Sheriffs have been hired to perform this function under the direction of management personnel from the Elections Division.

We concur with the recommendation that security responsibilities should include keeping the public under observation and controlling the area against the use of alcohol. However, I reiterate the fact that the responsibility for directing whoever is hired as security (private security could be hired, rather than Reserve Deputy Sheriffs) remains with the Elections Division.


Jim Thomas


c: Kent Taylor, County Administrator

Robert Glick, Grand Jury Foreman

Ken Knight, Administrative Analyst