July 14, 1995

Revised July 17, 1995

Subject: County Administrator's Response to the 1994-95 Santa Barbara County Grand Jury Interim Final Report on the Annual Financial Audit

Dear Judge Melville:

Please accept the following as the County's Administrator's response to the Grand Jury's 1994-95 Final Interim Final Report on the Annual Financial Audit.

Our office has reviewed the report and concurs with its findings and recommendations. Further, we concur with the responses to the findings and recommendations prepared by the Auditor-Controller and Treasurer-Tax Collector and sent to you under separate cover.

It is important to note that our office has not responded to individual findings and recommendations contained in the report as they do not specifically refer to matters under the control of the County Administrator.

Thank you.


Kent M. Taylor

County Administrator

cc Spencer Boise, Grand Jury Foreman

Robert Geis, Auditor-Controller

Gary Feramisco, Treasurer-Tax Collector