DATE: August 18, 1995

TO: The Honorable Rodney S. Melville
FROM: Susan J. Gionfriddo, Chief Probation Officer



Please accept the following as my official response to the 1994-95 Grand Jury report on Juvenile Detention Facilities released on June 28, 1995.

Re: St. Vincent's Residential Treatment Facility:

RECOMMENDATION #1: The Santa Barbara Probation Department should continue the program and, if feasible, expand it.

Response: It is commendable that the Grand Jury took the time to visit and become acquainted with St. Vincent's Residential Treatment Program.

Nonetheless, an inquiry of St. Vincent's by the Grand Jury is not mandated by Section 919(b) of the Penal Code. St. Vincent's is a privately operated group home, and thus is subject to inquiries and inspections by the Juvenile Justice/ Delinquency Prevention Commission, pursuant to Section 229.5 of the Welfare and Institutions Code. The Community Care Licensing Division of the State Department of Social Services is responsible for licensing group homes. We did, however, participate in the planning process to develop the program and are appreciative of this resource for our female court wards.

Re: Los Prietos Boys' Camp:

RECOMMENDATION #2: The Santa Barbara Probation Department should continue this program.

Response: The Department is fully supportive of the Findings and Recommendations made by the Grand Jury regarding Los Prietos Boys' Camp. We not only believe the program should continue, but we hope someday it may be expanded. Boys' Camp is a practical, cost effective means of rehabilitating delinquent youth. It has a long tradition of success and with the new buildings at the Camp site, we are hopeful that Camp will continue for many more years.

I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss or clarify any of these issues at your pleasure.