Juvenile Halls (E)

Abbreviations used in this report:
Prob.D. Santa Barbara County Probation Department
BOS* Board of Supervisors (Accepts responses from Prob.D.)

Finding and Recommendation 1: The BOS should take "immediate action" to increase the North County facility to 80 beds and increase the staff.

Finding and Recommendation 2: The BOS should immediately authorize and fund additional officers to adequately staff the North County Juvenile Hall night shift. Finding and Recommendation 3: All juveniles being transported should be three-way shackled. Finding and Recommendation 4: Prob.D. should request court to provide courtroom facilities for the South County, which are similar to those in the North County. Finding and Recommendation 4B: As an alternative, the Prob.D. should consider the use of closed circuit TV between the downtown court complex and Juvenile Hall for all judicial proceedings other than trials.

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