Management of County Government (I)

Abbreviations used in this report:

Finding and Recommendation 1: The BOS and CA engage in crisis management rather than leading and governing. Finding and Recommendation 1a: Within 60 days, BOS, assisted by CA, should assess needs and revise, adopt and enforce county missions and goals statements. Finding and Recommendation 1b: Within 60 days following adoption of 1a, the BOS should direct the CA to prepare for BOS approval proposed strategic initiatives designed to accomplish the intent of BOS's mission statement. Finding and Recommendation 1c: Establish a follow-up procedure to ensure annual review of plan developed under Recommendation 1b. Finding and Recommendation 2: BOS should instruct the CA to direct and coordinate the development and implementation of mission statements, objectives, goals, performance measurements, and supporting performance agreements with appointed department heads within 90 days of the completion of Recommendation 1b. Finding and Recommendation 3a: Each elected department head should adopt a mission statement and implement supporting strategic initiatives. Finding and Recommendation 3b: Each elected department head should develop and implement management and measurement procedures to support accomplishment of 3a. Finding and Recommendation 4a: BOS should cease micro-managing departmental operations. Finding and Recommendation 4b: BOS should amend Article X, Chapter 2 of the County Code to state that policy will be transmitted to non-elected department heads through the CA by Minute Orders. Finding and Recommendation 4c: BOS should modify Article X to provide that the CA appoint all non-elected department heads except County Counsel, and that the CA shall act upon the results of each department head's annual performance review. Finding and Recommendation 5: Contrary to the clearly spelled out functional requirements in Article X, the CA has not exercised leadership in directing and managing county government. Finding and Recommendation 5a: BOS should direct the CA to perform all responsibilities prescribed in Article X and BOS should ensure that CA has the authority and supportive environment to carry out his duties. Finding and Recommendation 5b: BOS should direct the CA to complete performance evaluations for each non-elected department head. Finding and Recommendation 6: BOS should complete a thorough evaluation of the CA's performance within 90 days and evaluate his skills to manage the functions of county government and also his ability to exercise authority. Finding and Recommendation 7a: BOS should either direct the CA or enter into an agreement with the AC to perform management audits, on a five-year cycle, of each department that is under the BOS control. Results should be reported to the BOS. Finding and Recommendation 7b: BOS should direct the CA to coordinate the initiation of an effective annual self audit of each department headed by a non-elected official and report results to the BOS within 30 days of its completion. Finding and Recommendation 7c: Each department headed by an elected official should initiate a self-administered management audit program and request an outside review audit every five years. Finding and Recommendation 8: The BOS should set aside a reserve to reward appointed department heads and key personnel for exceptional performance. Finding and Recommendation 9: The Suggestion and Awards program which was a good idea, with limited success; it should be re-evaluated to determine how it can be redesigned and promoted to make it more effective. Finding and Recommendation 10: Because of the county government resistance to change, which necessitated Recommendations 1-9, the 1995-96 Grand Jury should follow the progress of anticipated changes.

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