Personnel Procedure and Policy (N)

Abbreviations used in this report:

 AC		Auditor-Controller
 BOS		Board of Supervisors
 CA		County Administrator
 CSC		Civil Service Commission
 PERS		Personnel Department

Finding and Recommendation 1: BOS should require PERS and CSC to reconcile contradictions regarding promotional testing; or Civil Service Rules should be modified.

Finding and Recommendation 2: BOS should direct CA to require PERS to establish a specific system for job classification review at least every four years. Finding and Recommendation 3: BOS should direct CA to require PERS or an outside consultant to review and simplify the overly-complicated classification system. Finding and Recommendation 4a: PERS should review qualifying procedures to determine the cause of high applicant rejection rate and then modify procedures. Finding and Recommendation 4b: PERS drop all no-shows from the notification list. Finding and Recommendation 5a: BOS should request CA to conduct a complete management audit of PERS. Finding and Recommendation 5b: PERS should adopt all recommendations that result from a management audit. Finding and Recommendation 6: PERS should respond promptly to all inquiries to the department.

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