1995-1996 Santa Barbara County Grand Jury

May 3, 1996
Contact: Spencer Boise, Foreman
Phone (805) 568-2292


The 1995-96 Santa Barbara County Grand Jury has joined the Information Highway by making its reports available to computer users with access to the World Wide Web.

The Grand Jury’s Web site now includes the complete text of all of this year’s reports released to date. Those reports cover topics including county performance audits, preparation for disasters, cable television franchise renewal, Goleta planning commission, Fiesta peacekeeping, and an inmate death at the county jail. Future reports will be posted the morning they are released.

Affected agencies are required to respond to Grand Jury reports on computer disk as well as print copy, so the responses may be expediently posted on the Internet for public access.

The Grand Jury Web site also includes last year’s reports with affected agencies’ responses. The 1994-95 Grand Jury’s 19 reports include investigations into management and finances of county government, compensation of county employees, housing in county parks, county personnel procedure and policy, and elections procedures.

“We are one of the first grand juries anywhere to make its reports and the responses so broadly available,” said Spencer Boise, the 1995-96 Grand Jury foreman. “Citizens now have a major new avenue of exposure to dialogue on current issues in county government.”

The Grand Jury’s World Wide Web site is located:

E-mail can be sent to the Grand Jury: For more information, call the Grand Jury room at 568-2291.