1995-96 Grand Jury Recommendations
To The 1996-97 Grand Jury

Report B
Performance Audits

FINDING 4: The Grand Jury finds that the Internal Control Survey distributed to all departments by the Auditor-Controller on January 23, 1996 presents immediate opportunities to begin self-evaluation of each department's performance.

Report G
Audit and Finance

FINDING 4: The county response to the KPMG Management Letter (Exhibit B in Report G) contains statements of actions to be completed.

FINDING 5: The 1994-95 Grand Jury made recommendations regarding employee compensated absences that are being considered by county management. The effect of any policy changes cannot yet be measured. Report J
Issues in Planning & Development

FINDING 1: The Board of Supervisors first directed the Planning and Development Department (P&DD) to implement a streamlining program for permit processing and one-stop permit counter in 1991. In their 1996 Strategic Plan, the Supervisors are still requesting improvement in the permit streamlining process.

Report K
County Agreement with Prison Health Services, Inc.

FINDING 1: The contract Santa Barbara County entered into with Prison Health Services, Inc. on July 1, 1995 for medical services excluded mental health care.

Report M
Privatization Issues in County Government

FINDING 3: Privatization encompasses multiple and complex issues, such as differing sizes of enterprises, varying classification of jobs, Civil Service Rules, union requirements, government regulations and laws, political turf battles, transition of county employees, management control, and budget impacts.

Report O
County Clerk-Recorder-Assessor Department

FINDING 10: The consolidation of the County Clerk-Recorder with the Assessor was based on sound logic regarding the Recorder-Assessor relationship. The office of the Assessor requires a highly specialized body of knowledge for the complex issues of its duties. The FY 1995-96 costs are budgeted to be higher than the costs before consolidation. The realization of service enhancements and process improvements is highly questionable.

Report R
Review of Responses to 1994-95 Grand Jury Report

FINDING 3: Many respondents concurred with Grand Jury recommendations and stated they would implement certain changes to improve their operations.

FINDING 4: The 1995-96 Grand Jury concludes that a review process is effective in improving our county government. Report S
Follow Through Report


Summarizing the Grand Jury Findings and Recommendations and the Affected Agencies responses is very useful. It sets the stage for analyzing whether or not actions were completed or are pending as a result of Grand Jury Findings and Recommendations. A Follow Through report may make a "Review of Responses" report unnecessary.

The Grand Jury found:

The Grand Jury discovered that it may take more than one year to assess the impact of recommendations.


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