Letter to Grand Jury

July 9, 1996

Honorable William L. Gordon, Presiding Judge

Santa Barbara County Superior Court

1100 Anacapa Street, Second Floor

Santa Barbara, California 931121-1107

Board of Supervisors' Response to the 1995-96 Grand Jury Interim Final Report entitled Santa Barbara City Cable TV Franchise Renewal

Dear Judge Gordon:

At its regular meeting of July 9, 1996, the Board of Supervisors adopted the responses of the County Administrator and the County Counsel as the Board's response to the 1995-96 Grand Jury's interim final report entitled Santa Barbara City Cable TV Franchise Renewal. Copies of each response are attached to this letter.

The Grand Jury's thorough findings and recommendations on this complex topic will be useful to the cities and the County as we work together to identify and maximize benefits to the public from emerging telecommunications technology.

Also attached is a response from Supervisor Tom Urbanske.



Chair, Board of Supervisors


cc: Spencer Boise, 1995-96 Grand Jury Foreman