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May 29, 1996

The Honorable Judge William L. Gordon

Presiding Judge, Santa Barbara County Superior Court

1100 Anacapa Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93121

RE: Treasurer-Tax Collector's Response to the Santa Barbara County Jury Interim Final

Report Entitled Performance Audits

Dear Judge Gordon:

I have read and reviewed the 1995-96 performance audit reports released April 3, 1996. The cover sheet provided to this office indicated that I should respond to finding #1, recommendation #1c.

Recommendation #1c: The Grand Jury recommends that each department headed by an elected official should initiate a self-administered performance audit program, and request an outside review audit every five years by the Auditor-Controller or an outside consultant, and publish the results and recommendations.

I concur it is important to initiate a self-administered performance audit program and to have it reviewed since my activities are already being audited quarterly by the Auditor-Controller, and annually as part of the external audit that is incorporated in the publication of the County financial reports that include findings. In addition we have requested to be included in the Auditor-Controller's five-year audit plan.

I have recently completed the Internal Control Survey designed by the Internal Audit Division to serve the purpose of a self-administering performance audit. The results of this survey are being reviewed by the Auditor-Controller and a report will be made to the Board of Supervisors. There is expanded use in the reports that are provided through our automated systems to facilitate continued improvement. In addition, there have been joint focus groups established between office of Treasurer-Tax Collector, Auditor-Controller, and Assessor, for the purpose of reviewing and enhancing our business practices. Personnel involved in this process include department heads, management and other staff. Our personal involvement demonstrates the commitment.





cc: Kent Taylor, County Administrator