Letter to Grand Jury

July 2, 1996

Honorable William L. Gordon, Presiding Judge

Santa Barbara County Superior Court

1100 Anacapa Street, Second Floor

Santa Barbara, California 931121-1107

Board of Supervisors' Response to the 1995-96 Grand Jury Interim Final Report entitled Preparedness for Disasters

Dear Judge Gordon:

At its regular meeting of July 2, 1996, the Board of Supervisors adopted the collective responses of the Sheriff/Fire Chief, County Administrator and Director of the Office of Emergency Services as its response to the 1995-96 Grand Jury's interim report entitled Preparedness for Disasters. Copies of each response are attached to this letter.

We would call your attention to the final comment in the Director of the Office of Emergency Services' response which states,

. . . we thank the Grand Jury for making its findings and recommendations. They will serve to help enhance disaster preparation, mitigation, response and recovery. However, resource constraints may make some of the Grand Jury's recommendations difficult to implement in the short term.

The Board also appreciates the efforts of the Grand Jury to study this important aspect of government operations.



Chair, Board of Supervisors


cc: Spencer Boise, 1995-96 Grand Jury Foreman