Letter to Judy Sandoval

DATE: April 23, 1996

TO: Judy Sandoval, Departmental Analyst

FROM: Brian P. O'Connell

SUBJECT: Grand Jury's Interim Final Report - Audit and Finance

Below is the response required of the General Services Department by the Grand Jury in the above referenced report.

FINDING 3: The County needs to take advantage of the outside auditor's recommendations in the Management Letter

RECOMMENDATION 3: The Board of Supervisors should require periodic updates from the affected agencies in order to monitor the progress of corrective action.

RESPONSE-GENERAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT: The General Services Department agrees with the recommendation. As stated in the Auditor-Controller's comment to the Management Letter, the Information Systems Advisory Committee (ISAC) developed a policy tasking individual departments with disaster planning activities. The comment further states that the Auditor-Controller will survey the departments' progress and share the information with the County Administrator. The General Services Department will work with the Auditor-Controller and County Administrator on any corrective action indicated by the survey.


c: Bob Geis