June 4, 1997

Honorable William L. Gordon, Presiding Judge
Santa Barbara County Superior Court
1100 Anacapa Street
PO Box 21107
Santa Barbara, California 93121-1107

Board of Supervisors' Response to the 1996-97 Grand Jury Interim Final Report on Environmental Regulation of Tajiguas Landfill

Dear Judge Gordon:

At its regular meeting of June 10, 1997, the Board of Supervisors adopted the collective responses of the County Department heads, as modified by the additional comments provided below, as the Board's response to the 1996-97 Grand Jury's interim final report on Environmental Regulation of Tajiguas Landfill. A copy of each departmental response is attached to this letter.

The additional Board comments are:

· Regarding Grand Jury recommendations 3 and 5a concerning erosion control efforts:
Erosion control methods such as semi-permanent netting and permanently planted vegetation are not considered effective or practical in areas that are frequently regraded.

· Regarding Grand Jury Recommendation 9 concerning financial resources:
Please include as part of the Board's response the May 28, 1997 memorandum from Public Works staff to the County Administrator's Office which identifies in detail the estimated costs of implementing the recommendations as part of the Fiscal Year 1997-98 and 1998-99 Solid Waste Operating Budgets, and as part of the Five Year Solid Waste Capital Budget.

The Board greatly appreciates the work the Grand Jury did on this topic.


Chair, Board of Supervisors