Patricia Fillippini, Foreperson

Santa Barbara County Grand Jury

Grand Jury Room County Courthouse

1100 Anacapa Street

Santa Barbara, California 93101

RE: Response to Finding and Recommendation

Dear Ms. Fillippini:

In regard to the Grand Jury interim final report entitled "Boards and Commissions", the response to the specific Finding and Recommendation is as follows:

FINDING 1: Boards and commissions established by local Resolution or Minute Order may no longer be needed because their original purpose has been accomplished. There is a need for a written policy for disbanding a committee.

RECOMMENDATION 1: Governing bodies should review usefulness of boards and commissions on a periodic basis, and a policy should be established to disband a committee no longer needed.

CITY'S RESPONSE: At this time the only City board or commission is the Planning Commission, created by ordinance of the City Council in accordance with Section 65100 of the State Government Code. In the future, the City Council may consider, when appropriate, the inclusion of specific provisions when adopting or approving resolutions or minute orders creating other boards, commissions, or committees, dealing with an annual review as to the usefulness of said boards, commissions, or committees and providing for dissolving or disbanding said boards, commissions, or committees if warranted.

The Buellton Redevelopment Agency currently has in place a Project Area Committee. The By-laws for said Committee contain a provision for the dissolution of said Committee under certain conditions, as determined by the City Council.

I hope the above adequately addresses the referenced Finding and Recommendation. Please do not hesitate to contact me should there be any questions or if additional information is desired.



Russell A. Hicks


cc: Honorable William L. Gordon, Presiding Judge Santa Barbara County Superior Court




Response to Findings and Recommendations

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