Patricia Fillippini, Foreperson

Santa Barbara County Grand Jury

Grand Jury Room, County Courthouse

1100 Anacapa Street

Santa Barbara, California 93101

RE: Response to Findings and Recommendations

Dear Ms. Fillippini:

In regard to the Grand Jury interim final report entitled "Boards and Commissions", the responses to the specific Findings and Recommendations are as follows:

FINDING 6: Reporting to governing bodies via agendas and minutes may not adequately indicate effectiveness of boards and commissions. Annual reports are not consistently required or submitted.

RECOMMENDATION 6: The County (and Cities) should develop a method for boards and commissions to report their activities to governing bodies and the community.

CITY'S RESPONSE: Beginning with fiscal year 1997-98, the City Council shall require an annual report from the City's Planning Commission, and such other boards and commissions that may be established in the future. The annual report shall include a listing of projects, programs, and activities addressed by the respective board or commission, the status of the project, program, and activity, the accomplishments of the board or commission, and goals and objectives of the board or commission for the upcoming fiscal year.

FINDING 7: An organization chart or matrix would help to clarify the function of each board or commission and its relationship to governmental structure. Such a chart or matrix would also identify redundancy or an unmet need.

RECOMMENDATION 7: Administrators should develop an organization chart or matrix to clarify the function of each board and commission and to identify the community need being filled.

CITY'S RESPONSE: Although the City would be more than happy to prepare an organization chart or matrix as recommended, there is currently only one active City board or commission aside from the City Council. This commission is the City's Planning Commission, created by ordinance, and whose functions, powers, and duties are those provided in Chapters 3 and 4 of Title 7, commencing with Section 65100, of the State of California Government Code.

If, or when, future boards and/or commissions are established, an organization chart or matrix will be created clarifying the functions of said boards and commissions.