January 28, 1998



Honorable William L. Gordon

Presiding Judge

Santa Barbara County Superior Court

1100 Anacapa Street

Santa Barbara, California 93121


Subject: Response to Grand Jury 1997-98 Interim Final Report

Regarding Public Services During Fiesta 1997


Dear Judge Gordon:


At the City Council meeting of January 27, 1998, the Council voted to receive the Santa Barbara County Grand Jury 1997-98 Interim Final report on "Public Services during Fiesta 1997," pursuant to Penal Code §933.


First of all, I would like to thank the members of the Grand Jury for the conscientious and thoughtful analysis reflected in the report. Public safety, including sanitation, continues to be

a priority for the City of Santa Barbara.


The City’s responses to the specific findings and recommendations, as requested by the Grand Jury, are as follows:


FINDING: After the parade there were several traffic problems, including intersections along the parade route which remained closed to traffic. Further congestion on Gutierrez Street and Haley Street was due to cars attempting to enter or exit Highway 101, with no traffic control by the police.


RECOMMENDATION: Provide after-parade traffic control at congested areas.



The Police Department will monitor the traffic situation following the parade and initiate

appropriate traffic controls as needed. Will implement during Fiesta 1998.


FINDING: The lack of clear signs directing people to portable toilets located in the City Hall parking lot was a problem. Lighting in the vicinity of the toilets was inadequate.


RECOMMENDATION: Place several well-positioned signs directing the public to the portable toilets. Provide high intensity lights for the restroom area of the City Hall parking lot.



Signs are placed on the De la Guerra Plaza and Anacapa entrances to City Hall.

In addition, the location of the temporary restrooms is well advertised and well known.

To improve lighting in the vicinity of the portable toilets in the City Hall parking lot, temporary lighting will be installed for next Fiesta. Will implement during Fiesta 1998.


Honorable William L. Gordon

January 28, 1998

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FINDING : Citations to several establishments were issued by the Fire Marshal for overcrowding.


RECOMMENDATION : Continue to enforce occupancy and fire codes.



The Fire Department will continue to work closely with the Police Department to insure

occupancy and fire codes are enforced. Will implement during Fiesta 1998.


FINDING : There was a shortage of trash containers on the parade route and in the area around De la Guerra Plaza. Those available were not emptied often enough and were generally overflowing.


RECOMMENDATION : Provide more trash cans and frequent emptying of trash containers.



Up to 50 permanent trash cans are scheduled for installation on State Street prior to next

Fiesta. The final number of additional cans will depend on the condition of existing trash cans. Some existing trash cans may need to be removed due to their condition, which will reduce the final number added to the street. In addition, we will be working with BFI to add more temporary trash bins and increase pickup of trash from both the permanent and proposed temporary trash cans. Will implement during Fiesta 1998.


In closing, I would once again like to thank the members of the Grand Jury for the conscientious and thoughtful analysis regarding public services during Fiesta 1997.




Harriet Miller





cc: Sandra Tripp-Jones, City Administrator

Peter K. Wilson, Deputy City Administrator

Richard Breza, Chief of Police

David Johnson, Public Works Director