Date: January 15, 1999


To: Department Directors and Deputies
Labor-Management Collaborative
Training Forum
Interested Employees


From: Bill Chiat
Director of Organizational Effectiveness


Subject: Nominations for the Employees' University Governing Council



Beginning last winter a group of 26 employees interested in training -- the Training Forum -- has been meeting to create a comprehensive employee training effort. The recommendation of this group was to build on the concept of a "corporate university."

A corporate university is a comprehensive employee development program, aligned with corporate goals and strategies, with a sequential curriculum culminating in recognition of professional development in specified areas. The university is designed to meet the continuing development needs of all employees and available at all major work locations.

The initial groundwork for the university, including focus groups and a survey of employees, has been conducted by the Training Forum. The group felt it was now necessary to create a formal council to fully design and implement the university. They also felt the council should be representative of all aspects of the County. Hence seats have been designated for managerial and non managerial employees. The attached information more fully describes the Governing Council and the Employees’ University.

We are now seeking nominations to fill the 14 Governing Council seats. And here’s where your help is appreciated! First, if you’re interested in joining the Council, please complete one of the forms and return it to me. More importantly, would you please help in spreading the word around the organization? Several application packets are attached so you can give a copy to people you feel would make good members.

Please call Melissa (3400) or me (3407) of you need additional packets or have questions.

Thank you for your help!


Leadership Opportunity

Are you interested in forging the future of the County’s Employee University? Do you know someone who is?

Leading the University Development

As we move ahead with plans for the Employees’ University, the County is setting up a Governing Council to be the on-going body operating the university. It is responsible for decisions affecting all aspects of the university including curriculum and certificate content, course approvals, offerings and schedules, accreditation, trainer selection, alignment with County management strategies, and evaluation.

Interest and Commitment Most Important Qualification

Membership is open to all regular County employees. The first members of the Governing Council will be appointed from a pool of nominees. These members serve either a one- or two-year term. Members should be interested in employee development, committed to the employee university concept, and willing and able to contribute the time necessary as a Council member.

Nominate Yourself or Others

Employees from all levels of the County are encouraged to join.* Enhance your job experience and skills by being on the cutting edge of this exciting effort. You can nominate yourself or another eligible employee by filling out and returning this nomination form. The deadline for nominations is June 26.

Information and Application Attached

The attached Governing Council charter and timeline will answer many of your questions. If you’d like more information on either the Governing Council or the Employees’ University, please call Bill Chiat at extension 3407.









o I am interested in serving as a member of the Employees’ University Governing Council; or

o I would like to nominate the following person to be a member of the Employees’ University Governing Council


Name Phone

Department and Division


Primary work location: o Greater Santa Barbara area o Lompoc/Buellton/Solvang

o Santa Maria Valley

Category: o Nonmanager o Training/Organization Development o Manager o Executive

Preference for term: o One Year o Two Years

Subcommittee interests (check as many as apply):

o Finance o Marketing o Train-the-Trainer

o Curriculum Design o Course Review & Evaluation o Logistics

o Other:

Will (does) your supervisor support your involvement? o Yes o No o Unknown


(for nominations)
Submitted by: Phone




Please submit by June 26 to:

Bill Chiat, Director of Organizational Effectiveness 568-3407

County Administrator’s Office FAX 568-3414

105 East Anapamu, Suite 406

Santa Barbara









The County of Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors and Departments have long recognized and valued employee training and development. It is a key function of a manager and supervisor to provide for the skill development and enhancement of every employee. The Employees’ University and this Charter are designed to formalize this important County practice. This County-funded effort is designed to complement and enhance existing Department training efforts and fulfill the unmet needs for universal training of consistent, County-wide skills.

The Board of Supervisors recognized this need and captured it in their Strategic Plan:

Goal III: Organizational Effectiveness

A strong, professionally managed County organization.

Objective 7: Develop competent and well-trained employees committed to continuous improvement.


The Governing Council is the on-going body governing and operating the Employees’ University. The Council is responsible for decisions affecting all aspects of the university operations including curriculum and certificate content, course approvals, offerings and schedules, logistics, accreditation, trainer selection, alignment with County management strategies, and overall evaluation.



For the first year of operation, key goals of the Council include:

1. Develop a university operational plan and present it to the Department Directors and the Board of Supervisors

2. Create a course design and approval process

3. Establish and offer the first phase of courses beginning in the fall of 1998

4. Create and initiate a marketing and feedback program

5. Establish and track performance measures

6. Recruit, select and train course facilitators

7. Develop a long-term plan for financial stability of the university

8. Recruit and select vendors

9. Manage and evaluate the quality and satisfaction with the university and its courses on an on-going basis



The Governing Council is composed of volunteer representatives which meet both as a committee of the whole for discussion and decision making, and as subgroups tasked with specific assignments and decision making responsibility. Subgroup membership can include both Council members, as well as other County employees with specific interest in the subgroups tasks.

Subgroups initially may include:

Train-the-Trainer Team Curriculum Design Team

Logistics Team Course Review & Evaluation Team

Marketing Team Finance Committee


Decision Making Process

Key decisions will be made by consensus of the Council members present at their meeting, unless the Council agrees to another process for specific decisions, or on the occasion when a consensus cannot be reached. The chairperson will be responsible for decisions which must be made between meetings, when time will not allow a Council meeting to be convened, or when the Council delegates decisions to the chairperson. In these cases the chairperson will inform members of decisions as soon as possible.



This is an on-going group, which will be formally established in June, 1998.

To accomplish its work, the Council will meet at least monthly. Subgroups will be created and meet as necessary to accomplish their tasks.


Roles and Responsibilities

Council members are responsible to attend and participate in the discussions of the Council and subgroups. The success of the Employees’ University and the County’s training efforts depend on the diversity of perspectives which come from each member. Council members are expected to be a conduit for sending and receiving information from their departments and work groups. Collectively the Council members have the responsibility and authority to produce a successful employee development university.



(To be determined by the Council once seated.)




Governing Council membership is composed of full-time, permanent County employees. Members must be interested in employee development, committed to the employee university concept, and willing and able to contribute the time necessary as a Council member. Expertise or experience in training or corporate universities is not necessary.

Membership of this Council is limited to 14 members plus the chairperson. Council members (with the exception of the chairperson) serve in two-year, renewable terms running concurrently with the County’s fiscal year. Half the Council members in the first year will serve a one-year term.

Membership is open to any employee meeting the above requirements. At least two Council members must be managers, and two must be executives. At least four members must have training or organizational development as part of their job responsibilities. At least four members must hold nonmanagerial positions. Selected members will represent the geography of County worksites.

Initial membership will be determined by the County Administrator and the Director of Organizational Effectiveness based on individuals who indicate an interest. Nominees will also be solicited from the Labor-Management Collaborative. Future membership size and selection will be determined by the members.



Mike Brown, County Administrator



Bill Chiat, Director of Organizational Effectiveness


Signatures of the Members







26 June 1998