DATE: July 8, 1998


TO: Honorable Frank Ochoa, Presiding Judge, Santa Barbara County Superior Court

FROM: Susan J. Gionfriddo, Chief Probation Officer


RE: Response to 1997-98 Grand Jury Interim Final Report Entitled "Vocational Training in Santa Barbara County"


CC: Tim Putz, Grand Jury Foreman

Members, Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors

Michael F. Brown, County Administrator

Dr. Bill Cirone, County Schools Superintendent





Please accept the following as my official response to the 1997-98 Grand Jury Interim Final Report entitled "Vocational Training in Santa Barbara County", which was released on May 20, 1998:


RECOMMENDATION 2: County Education Office and Probation Department should find space and funding to have ROP classes available for youth at Los Prietos. [Finding 2].


Response: The recommendation requires further analysis.


Discussion: We have always welcomed R.O.P. classes at Los Prietos. In fact, we had one such bicycle repair class in years past. We have addressed the potential of developing new R.O.P. classes with County Schools. We can identify space for such classes, but the development and administration of such a program is the responsibility of County Schools. It is our understanding they will respond directly to your recommendation.