DATE: July 8, 1998


TO: Honorable Frank Ochoa, Presiding Judge, Santa Barbara County

Superior Court

FROM: Susan J. Gionfriddo, Chief Probation Officer


RE: Response to 1997-98 Grand Jury Interim Final Report Entitled "Civil Service Report"


CC: Tim Putz, Grand Jury Foreman

Michael F. Brown, County Administrator

Members, Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors




Please accept the following as my official response to the 1997-98 Grand Jury Interim Final Report entitled "Civil Service Report", which was released on June 1, 1998:


FINDING 2: No performance reviews have been done on the three Deputy Probation Officers for several years.


Response: Formal written performance reviews have not been filed with the Personnel Department on the three Deputy Chief Probation Officers for the past few years. However, it should be noted that these three at-will, non-Civil Service appointees have been performing in an exemplary manner as a management team under my direction for almost eighteen years. We confer daily, feedback is provided on projects and performance at least weekly, and direction is given as necessary.


Recommendation #1: Assure that performance reports are prepared on the three Deputy Probation Officers [Finding 2].


Response: The recommendation has not yet been implemented, but will be implemented by the employment anniversary date of each Deputy Chief within the current year. I do agree it is a good personnel practice to perform formal performance reviews for all staff.