Gary D. Monson, Foreperson


1100 Anacapa Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93121


RE: 1998-1999 Grand Jury Report on Detention Facilities in Santa Barbara County


Dear Foreperson Monson:


Thank you for the positive comments and commendation regarding the Guadalupe Police Department’s ability to provide community protection services. The City of Guadalupe provides the following responses regarding Grand Jury findings and recommendations relative to the above-referenced report:


Finding # 1: All municipal police departments in Santa Barbara County lack space.


1. The City of Guadalupe agrees with the above-stated finding.


Recommendation #1: All municipal jurisdictions should take action to identify long-term mechanisms to alleviate overcrowding of police facilities.


1. The City of Guadalupe has not yet implemented the above-stated recommendation. However, the City is actively seeking funding for expanded facilities. Over the next six months, along with identifying and reviewing potential locations for a community safety facility, the City will attempt to further identify funding sources and long-term methods to mitigate congestion in the Guadalupe Police Department.


Per your request, enclosed please find a 3 ˝" computer diskette with this response letter saved in Microsoft Word format for your information and records.




Should you have any questions and/or require any additional information, please feel welcome to contact me at Extension 103. Thank you for your cooperation.






Frank M. Usher

City Administrator




Enclosure: 3 ˝" computer diskette (Grand Jury Foreperson only)


pc: Honorable Judge Ochoa, Presiding Judge

Gary Blair, Court Administrator/Clerk of the Court

Mayor Sam Arca

Council Member Ken Westall

Council Member Frank Almaguer

Council Member Javier Saucedo

Council Member Herb Sanchez

Police Chief Jerry Tucker