In January 1997 the State Legislature passed a law (California Penal Code Section 933.05) imposing specific requirements upon agencies addressed in Grand Jury reports.  These requirements are explained on the following pages.


This Follow Through Report gives a summary of each report of the 1999-2000 Grand Jury together with each of its findings and recommendations, and the complete text of the responses of all affected agencies. The 2000-2001 Grand Jury gives its comments with respect to the responses at the end of those sections for which it deemed a comment appropriate.


This is the first time the full response of each affected agency has been published, rather than excerpts or summaries. This provides the public with the necessary information to evaluate the adequacy of the responses of each affected agency.  A list of the affected agencies for each report is at the end of this Introduction section on pages iv-v.


The findings and recommendations, responses and comments are also available on the Grand Jury Web Site or through the County Clerk’s office.