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Thank you for your interest in serving as a Grand Juror in the Superior Court of California, Santa Barbara County.  Service is both a privilege and a duty and, when conscientiously performed, is a mark of good citizenship.

Grand Jurors are a diverse volunteer group of citizens from the five supervisorial districts. The community is best served by a mix of ethnic, gender, age and economic differences.

If you have been selected to serve as a Grand Juror, please read the following information about Grand Jury service and procedures.


During your service you may be required to go to locations county wide. The main Grand Jury Chambers are located at the Santa Barbara Courthouse, 1100 Anacapa, Santa Barbara, CA 93101.

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Citizens selected for Grand Jury duty, including alternates, will be offered an orientation program on county and city government, and other county entities. This program will take place in June prior to impanelment. Those selected are encouraged to attend. There is no provision under the law for compensation during this orientation.

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You will be issued a Grand Jury badge to be worn at all times during Grand Jury business. It is important that people recognize you as a juror.


Please be prompt. Tardiness causes delay and inconvenience to others.

You should conduct yourself as you would at any serious and important event. You should be courteous at all times.

Dress as you would to attend a business meeting. Ties are not required. Be comfortable but avoid extremes in dress. Check with the foreperson if you have any doubts.

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If you wish to notify the Grand Jury of an emergency, or an absence, please call (805) 568-2291 or notify the jury services office at the Courthouse (805) 882-4530 after 8:00 a.m. 

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Parking is provided in the jury parking lot.

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Grand Jurors are paid at a per diem rate of $25 for each day served.  Mileage is reimbursed at the prevailing rate.  Compensation for Grand Jury service is computed once a month, and deposited via direct deposit.

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Grand Jury Chambers (24 hour recorded message) (805) 568-2291.

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